Mining Sims

Run your very own successful underground mine.

Mining Sims mobile game will available on Google Play Store And IOS App Store soon.


Experience what it's like running your very own successful underground mine. Mining Sims is a fun, strategic and challenging life-like simulator.

Mining Sims has been designed specifically with the exact machinery used in real underground mines around the world. You will purchase and upgrade various trucks, hire workers to operate the machinery and run your mine, as you process ore to make money and maintain services to keep your mine operational.

Mining Sims is the closest you will come to the real-life experience of working in an underground mine. You will oversee the maintenance all your machinery, keeping the mine running and selling the different minerals mined, from Diamonds to Gold, Silver & Copper.

Using the 3D graphics and the most realistic landscapes, you can rotate, pinch and zoom 360 degrees as you explore the surface of your mine.

Using the profits from the minerals sold, you will be able to purchase more trucks and upgrade the machinery to bigger and better.

Mining Sims offers in-app purchases to upgrade your machinery and purchase extra trucks.


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